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Early Light Taizé Contemplative Service at 7:50 a.m.

Every Sunday morning at our Taizé contemplative worship we gather for a service of prayer, Taizé singing, scriptural interpretation, and silent meditation. Communion is served weekly. This is an opportunity to start the day and the week in a new way, enjoying the early morning, savoring the early light and love of Jesus Christ. Join us in the heart of Silicon Valley for this peaceful, joy-filled service.


Our contemplative songs generally have simple, brief texts and are meant to be repeated several times in order that they may penetrate beneath our cognitive minds and into our hearts, where they become a prayer to God. Worshipers are invited to join in singing, and to allow the words and music to become a spiritual expression of the soul to God.


Early Light Music Team

Our contemplative music team consists of a dedicated group of instrumentalists and vocalists led by music director Kathe Kuehl and pianist Valerie Sterk. Each Sunday offers a different grouping of instruments and singers leading worship with Taizé and Taizé-style contemplative songs. Our music team is always looking for new instrumentalists and singers to lead in worship; please contact Kathe Kuehl.

Kathe Kuehl, Early Light Music Director
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