Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade products are a justice issue, providing a living wage to the people who produce these products.

Café JustoCafé Justo is a collective of families that grow their coffee and sell it directly to the consumer. Café Justo coffee is Fair Trade and organic; in addition Café Justo keeps the farmers involved in the entire process of making coffee, particularly the roasting of the beans, where the majority of the profit is. Café Justo provides sustainable wages to the coffee growers and therefore prevents those families from poverty and migration from Mexico to the United States.

To purchase Café Justo coffee, visit the Coffee Kiosk in Trinity Court on the first Sunday of the month. To learn more about Café Justo or to purchase coffee directly visit the Café Justo website.

To order Fair Trade Olive Oil and Olive Oil soap, complete a Fair Trade Olive Oil Order Form and drop off your completed order form on the first Sunday of the month after the 10 a.m. service at Action Central located in Trinity Court.