March 28, 2021

The Love of Christ Proclaim
Rev. Karin Kennedy Hejmanowski

But the important thing to remember about Palm Sunday is the crowd who shouted Hosanna had no idea what they were doing. The crowd that shouted Hosanna was not some superior class of people who hid themselves away for the rest of the week when the bad, scary, mean people came in and shouted crucify him. It’s all the same people.

We read the passion on Palm Sunday to remind ourselves that faith isn’t orderly. That we cannot compartmentalize humanity into saints and sinners, we cannot distance ourselves from the shouts of praise or the jeers of rage. We are the throngs who praised and waved palm fronds, the crowd who called for crucifixion. We are the women at the grave, Joseph who served, the Centurion who marveled. These people, this story, is us people, is our story.

—Kjersten, Small Stale Crackers Blog