March 21, 2021

For All People
Rev. Hardy H. Kim

In this passage from John, Jesus’ words about his intention to give his life for others has always captured our attention—and rightfully so. However, it’s important not to miss the way that he is willing to be connected to people who are “outside the covenant”—the “Greeks”—and how he is willing to make a sacrifice for them as well. He also calls his followers to give up their own selves in the same way that he does. This seems to mean that they are meant to give themselves up for the sake of others they might not see as connected to themselves. For modern-day Jesus followers, this might mean self-sacrifice to benefit some that we don’t see as worth it. Yet, Jesus’ call to follow remains—and his willingness to offer up his life for the sake of people at the margins of acceptable community is an enduring challenge.