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January 7, 2018

Today's Message :: Take the Other Road in Korea
Rev. Kurt Essingler and Hyeyoung Lee, Mission Co-workers in Korea

“I also struggle to apply the hope of Advent, God coming to be present with us in the form of a human child in the flesh, to the tragedy of Korean division and conflict. I do not believe that God willed for Korea to be colonized by Japan, even though some missionaries in the past from our church suggested this to be the case. I do not believe that God wanted the Soviet Union and the US to turn Korea into a stage for its international conflict. I do not believe that God purposefully had an estimated 30,000 Jeju islanders massacred and/or disappeared in the southern zone two years before the Korean War even broke out. However, I do believe that God was still present there, suffering alongside them. God has been working for healing amidst the wounded, giving them the strength to claim their humanity in the face of those trying to take it away. God is present in the friend who simply says, ‘I am here with you.’”

--Rev. Kurt Esslinger