The office of Deacon is one of sympathy, witness, and service. Deacons serve as Christ’s hands and feet in our own community as they nurture members of the congregation. Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church has two types of deacons, Parish Deacon and Home Deacon. Deacons attend monthly meetings for mutual support and training, and may help with congregational needs as they arise. Desirable characteristics for both types of deacons include sound judgment, compassion, warm sympathies, good listening skills, prayerfulness, and faithfulness.


Parish Deacons provide ongoing care and nurture to members of the congregation according to individual needs and one’s own gifts for the ministry of compassion. Some of the areas of compassion are Parish Contact (through letter writing, e-mail, or phone), Newer Member Integration, and College-Age Ministry. When a need or celebration arises, the Parish Deacon communicates with the church’s Nurture Coordinator and the pastoral staff. This is very rewarding role for people who enjoy getting to know members better and helping them feel connected to the church.


Home Deacons provide care and nurture to assigned home-bound members of our church community. Each Home Deacon is assigned to one or two members at a time. The Home Deacon visits his/her care receiver(s) monthly (visiting times are flexible) and keeps in regular communication with the Nurture Coordinator about any needs or celebrations that arise. This is a wonderful job for people who especially enjoy one-on-one interactions and working with senior adults.