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CARAVAN is a week-long service and learning trip for high school students. Jesus tells us in Matthew 25 that by serving others, we can meet God. This experience will give students an opportunity to live out the biblical model of loving our neighbors, while being “Rooted in Christ, Reaching Out in Love.”



CARAVAN 2019, June 22–30, Navajo Nation, Tsaile, AZ

CARAVAN 2019 students will serve people in the Navajo Nation. We will learn about their efforts to combat systems that marginalize and oppress their community, including projects aimed at environmental justice and restoring traditional agriculture. We will also do hands-on work such as roofing, building and repairing wheelchair ramps and porches, painting, and other general home repairs.

In addition to praying for us while we're away, please join us on CARAVAN Sunday, July 14, as we lead worship and share our transformative experiences.

highlights from Caravan 2018 to Tucson, Arizona

Caravan 2018Caravan 2018

Caravan 2018Caravan 2018