Affirming Church Series

What does it mean that SVPC is an affirming church?

Here are conversations we've held to learn more about how loving, welcoming and affirming queer people in our congregation is what Christ has called us to do.


A Conversation

The fourth in our series. Sit in on a conversation between longtime SVPC members Carol and Scout Heath. Carol and Scout will share the journey of a parent and her child coming to an awareness and better understanding of Scout’s gender identity. Come for an intimate, vulnerable conversation and the chance to hear questions as we continue to work toward being an affirming church.



The third in our series was conversation was led by Alex Patchin McNeill from More Light Presbyterians and Jessica Vasquez Torres from Crossroads Anti-Racism Organization. Attendees were encouraged to ask any questions, and in order to make this a safe space for all we chose not to record this session.



The second in our series on Becoming An Affirming Church. Hear stories from five different people in our church who have experienced many different responses from family and from the church as they chose to reveal their authentic selves.


What is an Affirming Church?

Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow, former moderator of the General Assembly of the PC(USA) and current Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, shared about First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto’s journey to becoming an affirming church (and ultimately a More Light Church).