Discipleship Programs and Classes

Christian Life :: 2017-18 Discipleship Classes

The class series Christian Life will explore how our Christian faith is the basis and foundation of how we live out our lives. Topics for learning and discussion include:

  • Life in the Spirit—What is the Holy Spirit doing in our 21st Century lives?
  • This I Believe: Creeds and Confessions—What do the statements of the doctrines of the Christian faith tell us about the basis of our beliefs? How can we apply these teachings to our lives?
  • Life in Community: Building Healthy Relationships—What does it mean to be a Christian in community?
  • Christian Virtue—What qualities of character shape our lives as Christians?
  • Vocation—How does our Christian faith inform what type of work we do and how we apply Christian values in diverse, secular workplaces?

Classes begin September 17 and run through mid-May. We hope you will join many or all of these classes.


Other Classes

Safe Church Training

The Safe Church Training classes are part of SVPC's program to ensure a safe environment where children, youth, and adults can grow in their relationship with God. This 90 minute class includes viewing of two half hour videos titled, “Safeguarding God’s Children.” Child care and snacks are provided. Pre-registration is helpful but not necessary